Thursday, 25 April 2013

Values - The Foundation of Your Life

Let's talk about values.  Those things which we don't tend to think about on a day to day basis but are core to the way we live our lives.  They to a large extent define us.  Values are essentially the things that are important to us.  Some of those value we learned from our families or our peer groups and some we have built along the road of life but one thing is sure when we experience conflict or stress in our life, it is normally because one of our core values has been violated.

Coaching can help you work out what are you values and most importantly the hierarchy of them.  If you don't know what these are and where they come in order, it is almost certain that at some time you will experience stress due to them being violated.  Take, for example, if the most important value for you is family but you take a job that requires you to work long hours and be away from your family a lot.  This situation will cause a lot of stress.  Many arguments between people are often caused by one or the others values being violated.  It is really important for you and your partner to know what each others values are so you can respect them and not cause conflict.

Imagine then if you know exactly what your values are and their order of importance to you.  You can make better decisions about your work, your family life and the things you do in your free time.  If you would like to find out more about your values and how to better structure your life to make sure you are honoring them, please get in touch and we can take you through some exercises to find out what they are.  Discovering your values will help you with work, your family and your relationships.

Article by Karina Bowlby, Peak Performance Consultant, Mindtime Consulting

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