Friday, 24 May 2013

Happiness Is A Habit

For many years I coached sports and most people came to me to unlearn what they had learned and made a bad habit.  You see many people go out and play sport before they even think about coaching.  Every time they go out they play pretty much the same way, practicing over and over again their bad habits until it becomes their natural stroke but one day they get to a point where they think "I would like to be better than this"  and at that point they hire a coach.

The coach then has the job of unravelling years of bad practice and dismantling the stroke that comes so naturally to their client.  Things generally get worse before they get better as all of sudden the client is having to do something different that requires thought and doesn't feel natural. Some give up but those that persevere end up with a much better stroke that will with practice feel natural.

Happiness or lack there of is much the same.  Many of my clients have been thinking the same way for years.  I am sure you have met people who always seem cheerful or are always dour and moaning. Their responses to various situations are automatic.  Their thought patterns are ingrained whether they are of a happy disposition or not.  You see to gain happiness in your life, takes effort.  It might be that you can get it for a short while from buying a new outfit, going on holiday or buying a new car but that thrill doesn't last long.  What I am talking about is happiness that you have every day.  To bring everyday happiness into your life you have to work from within.

Happiness comes with discipline in retraining the way your brain works and it's auto responses which have been conditioned over many years.  If you genuinely want happiness in your life you must determine a way to be happy.  I work with my clients extensively on this until we get to the point that happiness comes naturally and without the need to spend money!

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